Build Up some Great Memories this Christmas

When Christmas comes around, memories of celebrations from years past flood our minds.  We see ourselves in line to ask Santa for toys in Cleveland, going shopping with the family to buy clothes and gifts, and remember the mouth watering aroma of those goodies baking in the kitchen.  For some, memories of traveling to see relatives are the most potent.  Long car rides across the Ohio River Valley that required a stay overnight in a motel were thrilling for youngsters who had never traveled far from home.  But those long hours spent penned up with a bratty brother or whining sister could be torture.  Every time your father threatened to “turn this car around,” and head back to Toledo, you blamed each other for the ruckus.   At last the trip would end, and you’d open the door to see the smile on grandma’s face.  One look at the tree trimmed with all the shiny ornaments, (including the one you made in first grade) and you knew it was worth the wait.

Long before there were electronic gadgets and gismos vying for our attention, simple gifts like a set of LEGOs were a must have in every home.  They provided hours of fun, and to have a set to brag about when you got back to school gave you status.  Today, LEGO’s are within reach of the most stringent budget, especially when a Groupon code is used to buy them.  You can spark your child’s imagination and help develop their fine motor skills with a set of action figures based on the latest block buster movies or characters from yesteryear.  And if you want to see Dad’s eyes light up, just use a Groupon that will take 77% off a set of vintage LEGO’s and place them under the tree.   There are coupons good for use instore or online, so if you pass a store on the way to grandma’s house this year, stop in and pick out a new Duplo winter set and a few stocking stuffers like LEGO key chains, to keep down the noise on the trip back home.  There are so many themes to choose from – Disney, Angry Birds, DC Comic Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes that even your cosplay loving teens will take note.

Start the holiday fun the old-fashioned way this year, with a new set of blocks from LEGO.

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