Build Up some Great Memories this Christmas

When Christmas comes around, memories of celebrations from years past flood our minds.  We see ourselves in line to ask Santa for toys in Cleveland, going shopping with the family to buy clothes and gifts, and remember the mouth watering aroma of those goodies baking in the kitchen.  For some, memories of traveling to see relatives are the most potent.  Long car rides across the Ohio River Valley that required a stay overnight in a motel were thrilling for youngsters who had never traveled far from home.  But those long hours spent penned up with a bratty brother or whining sister could be torture.  Every time your father threatened to “turn this car around,” and head back to Toledo, you blamed each other for the ruckus.   At last the trip would end, and you’d open the door to see the smile on grandma’s face.  One look at the tree trimmed with all the shiny ornaments, (including the one you made in first grade) and you knew it was worth the wait.

Long before there were electronic gadgets and gismos vying for our attention, simple gifts like a set of LEGOs were a must have in every home.  They provided hours of fun, and to have a set to brag about when you got back to school gave you status.  Today, LEGO’s are within reach of the most stringent budget, especially when a Groupon code is used to buy them.  You can spark your child’s imagination and help develop their fine motor skills with a set of action figures based on the latest block buster movies or characters from yesteryear.  And if you want to see Dad’s eyes light up, just use a Groupon that will take 77% off a set of vintage LEGO’s and place them under the tree.   There are coupons good for use instore or online, so if you pass a store on the way to grandma’s house this year, stop in and pick out a new Duplo winter set and a few stocking stuffers like LEGO key chains, to keep down the noise on the trip back home.  There are so many themes to choose from – Disney, Angry Birds, DC Comic Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes that even your cosplay loving teens will take note.

Start the holiday fun the old-fashioned way this year, with a new set of blocks from LEGO.

Reasons to Visit Ohio for Your Next Family Vacation

Now that the summer school break is over and your children are starting back at school, the amount of time that you enjoyed with them during the break is sadly reduced to just after school hours or on the weekend.


And while their after-school time may be reserved for study and sleep, the weekends are a great time for families to bond and take short road trip vacations together.


If you love the idea of a road trip with your family this weekend, below are some great reasons to visit Ohio!


It’s Affordable!

The first thing every parent thinks about when considering where to take the family on a vacation is their budget. And rightfully so. Traveling with a family can be a costly experience if you choose the wrong destination.


However, with a range of deals available on the Groupon Coupons page for, you can find many affordable hotels and accommodation options for your and your family to stay in which won’t mean that the rest of your vacation is spent drinking water and eating toast.


Natural Sights

If you love nothing more than taking picturesque shots of nature to show to your ever growing list of social media followers then Ohio won’t disappoint.


With a range of lush natural wonders to choose from such as the Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve, which offers visitors all year-round an amazing hiking journey through a beautiful mixture of national forest and historic areas. If it’s more controlled and designed greenery that you seek, Milks Creek Park boasts some beautiful flower and plant arrangements throughout their gardens which are sure to catch the attention of any shutterbug.


Cinema Buffs

If you love silly and funny cinema then you will love the movie A Christmas Story, and if that’s the case then Ohio has just the thing for you to see. The original house from the movie sits in Ohio and is open all year round offering tours and providing answers to all of your budding movie questions.



Visiting a zoo isn’t just fun for the kids, it can also be fun for the adults. You just need to pick the right place which offers enthusiastic animals in natural environments. The Farm at Walnut Creek provides visitors of all ages and sizes the opportunity to get up close and personal with many of their resident animals, such as Giraffes and Zebras. This natural style farm experience also features a wealth of information about all of the animals you will see, which means that your little ones can learn until about their favorite animal until their brain is tired and full.


Just because you don’t have a lot of free time to spend with your family now that school has returned doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t still enjoy great vacation adventures in between large school breaks. So instead of saving up your money and time and waiting for the next big vacation period to take your family somewhere exciting, pack the car with your family and some snacks and enjoy everything that Ohio has to offer!

Ohio at the Polls


Who honestly thinks about voting today? For thousands of people they have an opinion on who should be voted in the next elections but don’t actually cast their vote. Why is this? Why are there more and more people who don’t go to the local polling stations and vote? It seems utterly strange because everyone has the right to vote and yet there are very few who do so. Ohio at the polls, it’s an important time for everyone and should you be voting?

Why Vote?

Why vote? It’s the big question everyone seems to ask time and time again and it’s so hard to answer. So, what are the reasons to vote? Well, the first reason is because if you believe one person is better for the job, you should cast your vote. However, there is also the fact you have the right to vote. Now, you might not know it but everyone who is registered to vote can do so at any election. More and more will find this to be very useful and certainly something that is crucial also. Ohio at the polls – it’s a big occasion and you should consider voting. It’s your right and certainly something that can be important to you too.

Can You Really Make A Difference?

Going to the polls might not appeal to you and yet it’s quite important. However, will voting make a difference in the long-term? In a sense, voting can make a real difference simply because it can all go down to one vote. It could just be one vote that settles it all and while that might sound strange it’s true. You might think one vote can’t do too much damage but it can. One candidate can win over another and it’s with one or two votes – they can be yours! That is one of the biggest and best reasons to vote and it’s truly something you must give a lot of thought over also.Click site here!

Does It Matter If You Vote Or Otherwise?

votingYes! It absolutely does matter if you cast your vote or not. Going to the polls and making your voice heard can be truly be important and it does matter. That is why it truly is a must to consider going to the polls when Ohio goes to the polls. Yes, you might think voting is boring and overrated and yet it’s not. There are so many positive reasons to vote and even though it might not appear overly important but it can be to you. There has never been a better time to vote.View this site

Vote and Make Your Voice Heard

Voting absolutely does not seem that important. There are many who say it’s a waste because no one listens to what they say; however, how can you be honestly sure unless you vote? Voting doesn’t takes too long, a matter of seconds and then that’s it. You can find it’s a simple process and one you are going to love. Why not vote? When Ohio is at the polls why not you too go to the polls and vote?

Cast Your Vote


Voting is not often the most favored part of the year. It can be a choir to some and in a sense, it is far easier to stay at home and not vote. That is the truth because a lot of people honestly think it doesn’t matter what they decide at the polls, it won’t make a difference to their lives. However, shouldn’t you vote? Shouldn’t you be casting your vote?

Does Your Vote Matter?

If two hundred million people vote in one election, does one little vote matter? Well, you wouldn’t think so because in those endless seas of votes you’d think one vote wouldn’t matter much. However, every vote matters and it is crucial to voice your opinion. Yes, your vote matters and it is so very important to have your say too. If you really don’t want to vote that is your choice but if you do, why don’t you? You can find it’s an easy process and something that you might like in the long-term.

Should You Cast Your Vote?

Right now, there are millions who are indeed registered to vote but who do not go to local or national elections. Now, it’s not hard to see why people are less inclined to vote; sometimes you cast your vote and the person you wanted to win doesn’t, also you can feel as though no-one is the candidate for you. However, sometimes it can all make a difference and if you have a clear winner in your mind, why not vote? Everyone should cast their vote no matter what they want to choose. It’s always a must to vote and it can be very rewarding indeed.Read page from for more tips.

Why More People Are Choosing To Vote Today?

People actually like voting and it’s all down to how they can improve their country or life. One vote can matter more so than anyone might think. When it comes down to the wire, it might just be your vote that settles it. Yes, going off to the voting booth and casting your vote can seem very boring and like a real waste of time but it can also be more than useful. Voting is really quite popular and you too can have your say.

It’s Important You Voice Your Opinions

electionsLet’s be honest, voting is a crucial part of life. You might think one person isn’t fit enough to run the country and when that’s the case you can vote for the other person. Casting your vote might just make all the difference. Also, it’s important to cast your vote and have a say in how the country is being run or how someone runs the local counsel. That is why there is a need to vote and even if it’s not in the big elections, it can all matter.

Let Your Voice Reign

Voting isn’t always the most enjoyable task and yet it can be very important indeed. The person who gets in the local election can impact your life and even when it’s a national election, your vote could be the one that decides it all. It’s strange really and yet it’s quite important. That is why for those who want to be heard, cast your vote.

Be Heard – Vote


Stand up, have a voice and be heard. Voting really is a must for any person today. Being able to vote is quite important and something that far too many do not do. You would think record numbers are turning up to the polls and casting their vote but there are still far too many who stay at home. Avoiding the vote might be suitable if you are truly unsure of whom to choose and think no candidate is worthy enough but if you have a wish for one to get in, why not vote?

Voting Is an Important Right

Everyone has the right to vote. Unfortunately there are far too many people who disbelieve this and think it’s only the rich or the privileged that deserve a vote. Forget that because you are just as good as anyone else and you should be able to vote however you like. That is a crucial point because at the end of the day only you can decide which candidate you wish to vote for. If you feel one is stronger than the other, you know they might be your choice but if you think the favorites really aren’t ideal, why not choose the outsider? Voting isn’t as complicated as it looks either and anyone can in fact vote. You have the ability to have your voice heard and that really will make a huge difference. It is now in which your voice should be heard and you shouldn’t be afraid to voice it.Get some details from

You Can Ensure the Person Most Qualified To Run the Country Can Be Voted In

Let’s say there was a big election coming up and that there were two main rivals, who would you vote for? Not sure, well you aren’t alone, so why not think about who is fit to run the country and what they will offer you should they get into office. Sometimes you are drawn to someone because of their values and what they promise and it’s good because that is your gut telling you to vote this way. Voting really does help to ensure that the right person leads the country and if you don’t vote you technically cannot complain as to who gets in. if you don’t cast your vote your voice and opinions cannot be heard.

Register to Vote Now

electionIf you want to be heard, why not register to vote? This takes only a few seconds to apply and once you are registered to vote you can go to the polls like everyone else and cast your vote! You really can find being able to vote offers a freedom; a freedom to choose the candidate you like and who you’ll also think will do the best job. What is more, it’s something that allows you to understand a few things about life and how the voting system works which is very good indeed. There are going to be more and more who will love the idea of voting and it can be a simple way to ensure your voice is heard.View site here!

Be Heard

When you voice your opinions you might be able to vote and swing the vote in your favor. Sometimes there are literally one or two votes in it and if you don’t vote you might have the biggest impact. That is one of the biggest and best reasons to look into voting and you don’t have to do a lot, just choose a candidate. Why not let your voice be heard and vote?